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Title: دانلود کتاب CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide
حالت موضوعی
دانلود کتاب CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide
در این پست قصد داریم تا کتاب ccna security مربوط به Exam 210-260 را برای شما عزیران قرار دهیم.
این کتاب نسبت به کتاب قبلی بهتر شده و در واقع کاربردی تر و عملی تر شده است.
کتاب ccna security پایه و اساس امنیت در شبکه های سیسکو را آموزش میدهد و برای امن سازی شبکه های سیسکو پیشنهاد میشود که این کتاب را مطالعه کنید.
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سرفصل های این آموزش عبارتند از :
Part I : Fundamentals of Network Security
Chapter 1 : Networking Security Concepts
Foundation Topics
Understanding Network and Information Security Basics
Network Security Objectives
Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Security
Classifying Assets
Classifying Vulnerabilities
Classifying Countermeasures
?What Do We Do with the Risk
Recognizing Current Network Threats
Potential Attackers
Attack Methods
Attack Vectors
Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Other Miscellaneous Attack Methods
Applying Fundamental Security Principles to Network Design
Network Topologies
Network Security for a Virtual Environment
How It All Fits Together
Chapter 2 : Common Security Threats
Network Security Threat Landscape
Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
Social Engineering Methods
Social Engineering Tactics
Defenses Against Social Engineering
Malware Identification Tools
Methods Available for Malware Identification
Data Loss and Exfiltration Methods
Part II : Secure Access
Chapter 3 : Implementing AAA in Cisco IOS
Cisco Secure ACS, RADIUS, and TACACS
?Why Use Cisco ACS
?On What Platform Does ACS Run
?What Is ISE
Protocols Used Between the ACS and the Router
(Protocol Choices Between the ACS Server and the Client (the Router
Configuring Routers to Interoperate with an ACS Server
Configuring the ACS Server to Interoperate with a Router
Verifying and Troubleshooting Router-to-ACS Server Interactions
(Chapter 4 : Bring Your Own Device (BYOD
Bring Your Own Device Fundamentals
BYOD Architecture Framework
BYOD Solution Components
Mobile Device Management
MDM Deployment Options
On-Premise MDM Deployment
Cloud-Based MDM Deployment
(Part III : Virtual Private Networks (VPN
Chapter 5 : Fundamentals of VPN Technology and Cryptography
Understanding VPNs and Why We Use Them
Cryptography Basic Components
Ciphers and Keys
Block and Stream Ciphers
Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms
Hashed Message Authentication Code
Digital Signatures
Key Management
Next-Generation Encryption Protocols
IPsec and SSL
Public Key Infrastructure
Public and Private Key Pairs
RSA Algorithm, the Keys, and Digital Certificates
Certificate Authorities
Using the Digital Certificates to Get the Peer’s Public Key
X.500 and X.509v3 Certificates
Authenticating and Enrolling with the CA
PKI Topologies
Putting the Pieces of PKI to Work
Viewing the Certificates in ASDM
ASA’s Default Certificate
Adding a New Root Certificate
Chapter 6 : Fundamentals of IP Security
IPsec Concepts, Components, and Operations
The Goal of IPsec
Now IPsec Can Protect the User’s Packets
The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol
Configuring and Verifying IPsec
Tools to Configure the Tunnels
Viewing the CLI Equivalent at the Router
Completing and Verifying IPsec
Chapter 7 : Implementing IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs
Planning and Preparing an IPsec Site-to-Site VPN
Customer Needs
Planning IKEv1 Phase 1
Planning IKEv1 Phase 2
Implementing and Verifying an IPsec Site-to-Site VPN in Cisco IOS
Troubleshooting IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs in Cisco IOS
Implementing and Verifying an IPsec Site-to-Site VPN in Cisco ASA
Troubleshooting IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs in Cisco ASA
Chapter 8 : Implementing SSL VPNs Using Cisco ASA
Functions and Use of SSL for VPNs
SSL and TLS Protocol Framework
The Play by Play of SSL for VPNs
SSL VPN Flavors
Configuring Clientless SSL VPNs on ASA
Using the SSL VPN Wizard
Seeing the VPN Activity from the Server
Using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
Types of SSL VPNs
Configuring the Cisco ASA to Terminate the Cisco AnyConnect Secure
Groups, Connection Profiles, and Defaults
Split Tunneling
Troubleshooting SSL VPN
Troubleshooting SSL Negotiations
Traffic-Specific Issues
Part IV : Secure Routing and Switching
Chapter 9 : Securing Layer 2 Technologies
VLAN and Trunking Fundamentals
Trunking with 802.1Q
Inter-VLAN Routing
The Challenge of Using Physical Interfaces Only
Spanning-Tree Fundamentals
Loops in Networks Are Usually Bad
Common Layer 2 Threats and How to Mitigate Them
Disrupt the Bottom of the Wall, and the Top Is Disrupted, Too
Specific Layer 2 Mitigation for CCNA Security
BPDU Guard
Root Guard
Port Security
DHCP Snooping
Dynamic ARP Inspection
Chapter 10 : Network Foundation Protection
Using Network Foundation Protection to Secure Networks
The Importance of the Network Infrastructure
The Network Foundation Protection Framework
Understanding the Management Plane
Understanding the Control Plane
Understanding the Data Plane
Best Practices for Protecting the Data Plane
Additional Data Plane Protection Mechanisms
Chapter 11 : Securing the Management Plane on Cisco IOS Devices
Securing Management Traffic
Using AAA to Verify Users
AAA Components
Options for Storing Usernames, Passwords, and Access Rules
Authorizing VPN Users
The AAA Method List
Role-Based Access Control
Encrypted Management Protocols
Understanding NTP
Implementing Security Measures to Protect the Management Plane
Implementing Strong Passwords
User Authentication with AAA
SNMP Features
Configuring NTP
Securing the Cisco IOS Image and Configuration Files
Chapter 12 : Securing the Data Plane in IPv6
Understanding and Configuring IPv6
The Format of an IPv6 Address
Configuring IPv6 Routing
Developing a Security Plan for IPv6
Best Practices Common to Both IPv4 and IPv6
New Potential Risks with IPv6
Chapter 13 : Securing Routing Protocols and the Control Plane
Securing the Control Plane
Minimizing the Impact of Control Plane Traffic on the CPU
Control Plane Policing
Securing Routing Protocols
Implement Routing Update Authentication on OSPF
Implement Routing Update Authentication on EIGRP
Implement Routing Update Authentication on RIP
Implement Routing Update Authentication on BGP
 Part V : Cisco Firewall Technologies and Intrusion Prevention System Technologies
Chapter 14 : Understanding Firewall Fundamentals
Firewall Concepts and Technologies
Firewall Technologies
The Defense-in-Depth Approach
Static Packet Filtering
Application Layer Gateway
Stateful Packet Filtering
Application Inspection
Next-Generation Firewalls
Using Network Address Translation
NAT Is About Hiding or Changing the Truth About Source Addresses
Creating and Deploying Firewalls
Firewall Technologies
Firewall Design Considerations
Packet-Filtering Access Rule Structure
Rule Implementation Consistency
Chapter 15 : Implementing Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewalls
Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewalls
How Zone-Based Firewall Operates
Zones and Why We Need Pairs of Them
Configuring and Verifying Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewalls
Using CCP to Configure the Firewall
Verifying the Firewall
Implementing NAT in Addition to ZBF
Verifying Whether NAT Is Working
Chapter 16 : Configuring Basic Firewall Policies on Cisco ASA
The ASA Appliance Family and Features
ASA Firewall Fundamentals
ASA Security Levels
Tools to Manage the ASA
Packet Filtering on the ASA
Implementing a Packet-Filtering ACL
Configuring the ASA
Getting to the ASDM GUI
IP Addresses for Clients
Permitting Additional Access Through the Firewall
Using Packet Tracer to Verify Which Packets Are Allowed
Chapter 17 : Cisco IDS/IPS Fundamentals
IPS Versus IDS
Identifying Malicious Traffic on the Network
Signature-Based IPS/IDS
Policy-Based IPS/IDS
Anomaly-Based IPS/IDS
Reputation-Based IPS/IDS
Managing Signatures
Monitoring and Managing Alarms and Alerts
Security Intelligence
Define Key Terms
Part VI : Content and Endpoint Security
Chapter 18 : Mitigation Technologies for E-mail-Based and Web-Based Threats
Mitigation Technology for E-mail-Based Threats
E-mail-Based Threats
Cisco Cloud E-mail Security
Cisco Hybrid E-mail Security
Cisco E-mail Security Appliance
Cisco ESA Initial Configuration
Mitigation Technology for Web-Based Threats
Cisco CWS
Cisco WSA
Cisco Content Security Management Appliance
Chapter 19 : Mitigation Technologies for Endpoint Threats
Antivirus and Antimalware Solutions
Personal Firewalls and Host Intrusion Prevention Systems
Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
Hardware and Software Encryption of Endpoint Data
E-mail Encryption
Part VII : Final Preparation
Chapter 20 : Final Preparation
Tools for Final Preparation
دانلود کتاب CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guid بالینک غیر مستقیم

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